Wollumbin - 2010 Oils on Linen


2010 Oils on Linen

Wollumbin was painted in 2010 as an entry to the Wynne Prize.

The painting was bequeathed to the Tweed Regional Gallery in 2015 where it now sits under the shadow of the mountain.

Minyon Canyon

2008 Oils on Linen

A view from the foot of The Minyon Falls, a waterfall on the Repentance Creek. The falls drop over 100 metres over the rhyolite cliffs which were once part of the Tweed Volcano.

Minyon Canyon - 2008 Oils on Linen
Repentance Creek 1 - 2008 Oils on Linen

Repentance Creek 1

2008 Oils on Linen

In the 1970s the ‘rainbow people’ emerged around Nimbin, seeking a sustainable existence through permaculture, organic produce and alternative lifestyles. They started the forest protection movement resulting in the reclaiming of the Big Scrub.

Repentance Creek 2

2008 Oils on Linen

With it’s western roots in the dairy and logging industries, Repentance creek is now symbolic of the moral victories attained by the early conservation movement.

Repentance Creek 2 - 2008 Oils on Linen
“You have the power to save the last tiny remnants of nature at her height of creativity – the rainforests.”
Geoff Williams

From an open letter to the people of Lismore.

First Light - 2008 Oils on Linen

First Light

2008 Oils on Linen

Sunrise hits Australia’s most Easterly point, Byron Bay, moments before the rest of the East coast.

Georgina’s Five


Clean and undeveloped, the beaches of the Byron Shire are free of over crowding high-rises, and today remain almost perfect, idyllic locations.

Georgina's Five - 1990s
Byron Bay - 1990s

Byron Bay


One of the few postcard paintings Geoff produced, his mid nineties rendition of the classic Byron bay lighthouse view remains a beacon of his optimism and love for the area.

“You’re all wonderful.”

Geoffrey David Williams
1942 – 2015